• Nick Pennman

YouTube: Natural remedy advice violates YouTube policies.

You can forget sharing Grandma’s cold and flu remedy. The Google-owned service says it will remove anything it deems "medically unsubstantiated."

In her first interview since the coronavirus lockdown started in the US, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki discussed how the platform has responded to the pandemic by removing thousands of videos and sending over 10 billion views to fear legacy news outlets.

“We talk about removing information that is problematic,” Wojcicki said.

“For example, anything that goes against the World Health Organization [WHO] recommendations guidelines would be a violation of our policy”.

When pressed, Wojcicki cited examples such as “Promoting Vitamin C, Turmeric, basically anything that doesn’t involve a Bill Gates funded vaccine. I mean, when have natural remedies ever improved anyone’s health?”

In correspondence with this news, Facebook has announced users who had read, watched or shared false Covid-19 information, such as the use of Vitamin C or Nonna’s chicken soup recipe would receive a pop-up alert urging them to visit the WHO's website.