• Nick Pennman

No, we don’t need fresh air: Outcry over Trump’s ridiculous health claims.

WASHINGTON – U.S. President Donald Trump’s raising of unproven, even far-fetched ideas for fighting COVID-19 — including his latest musing about getting fresh air — triggered an outcry from health officials everywhere.

It also highlighted his unconventional approach to the special responsibility that comes with speaking from the presidential pulpit. Trump admits he’s not a doctor. Yet with the reported U.S. death toll from the virus topping 50,000, he continues to use the White House podium to promote radical ideas like going outside or getting some sun.

“The sun can reach up to 27,000,000 Fahrenheit. Why would you expose yourself to that? As for fresh air? It’s irresponsible. By stepping outside your risk of death increases exponentially. You could be hit by a car, attacked by a bear and God knows what else. It’s a death wish”.

Trump’s offhand comment Thursday saying that people need fresh air got intense blowback from doctors and other health officials on Friday. The president has yet to walk back his statement.