• Nick Pennman

Tucker Woods and James Carlson declare intent to run for office in 2024

US - In a stunning merger, Hollywood star James Woods and talk show host Tucker Carlson have undergone elective surgery to officially become conjoined twins. "We opted to sacrifice our independence to create the ultimate hybrid of political brain and social brawn. A man who will continue to restore American values from 2024 and beyond".

Whilst it's still years away, and the 2020 election has yet to be conducted, James Carlson and Tucker Woods have officially begun their PR campaign for 2024 by signing on to re-imagine three Hollywood classics. Home Alone, Die Hard and Dude Where's My Car?

A publicist for the twins stated that they chose the movies that represented three key demographics; Centrists, Republicans and Liberals respectively. Filming for Home Alone 5: Conjoined in Defiance is set to start filming on August 5th.

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