• Nick Pennman

Trump’s valet test positive for Covid-19

Washington - Just days prior President Trump's planned re-opening of the nation, news broke that his valet tested positive for Covid-19.

News networks have been quick to note that the spread of this virus into the White House shows why the nation must remain closed. The Bugle's own Nick Pennman caught up with the young women at the centre of the story, Josephine Biden.

“I’m fit as a fiddle", she said. "If a young, vibrant, energetic young woman such as myself can catch it, then anyone can."

In response to this story, top ranking Democrats have weigh in stating that " the curve is flattening, but only amongst liberals. We believe it is in the best interests of conservatives to stay home until after the election".

Despite the blowback, President Trump is continuing with a business as usual attitude but if we're able learn anything from Miss Biden, it’s that pandemics pay little attention to rhetoric.