• Nick Pennman

Trump pilots hot air balloon – Escorts murder hornets back to China.

Washington- President Donald Trump was spotted inside a hot air balloon Tuesday evening as he headed west across California. In pursuit was a swarm of “Murder Hornets”, which appeared in Washington State over the weekend, thought to have arrived from China.

“They’ve got to go back”, yelled the President to onlookers as he disappeared into the North Pacific.

Questions had been raised as to how to deal with the potentially fatal insects when word got out that the President had boarded a hot air balloon.

When asked why the President took such drastic measures he stated emphatically; “First, a Chinese lab sends us the Coronavirus. Now they send a plague of giant murder hornets. Not this time”.

President Trump is expected to arrive in Beijing in six days where he will meet with President Xi Jinping to try and re-establish order between the two nations.