• Nick Pennman

Surfer attacked by shark – Death due to Covid-19

A 21-year-old man was attacked by a shark early Saturday morning at a beach in Southern California, officials said.

According to onlookers the man shouted “F**k physical distancing, as he paddled towards a large fin before being bitten”. Following the attack, the man swan back to shore missing an arm, leg and part of his torso. A local doctor, walking his dog tried to attend to the young man, however his efforts were fruitless.

“The second I saw him, I knew it was over. He was short of breath. Coughing up blood. It’s the worse case of coronavirus I’ve seen yet”. Later that day, the shark in question washed a shore on Seal Beach, just south of the attack. Marine Biologists have confirmed that the shark was in fact infected with Covid-19, presumably contracted from the young man.

Health experts are citing this incident as a warning to maintain social distancing in the hope that we can flatten the curve.