• Nick Pennman

Man exits home after 18-month lockdown: “What now?”

Updated: Apr 17

September 12th, 2021, New Yorker Alfred Jones has exited his home for the first time in 18 months after world leaders finally declared it safe following the flattening of the Covid-19 curve.

He took to Twitter on Tuesday night to ask one simple question: “What now? A question over 100 million American’s are asking with no jobs to go to, and no industries to work in.

With many unable to pay their Internet bills, Twitter’s user base sheds little in the way of advice, however, one Mr. @BillGates was able to provide a response:

“What now? Well… You get your vaccine of course”. Mr. Gates has long been warning of a potential epidemic telling Ezra Klein in 2015 that “I rate the chance of a widespread epidemic, in my lifetime, at well over 50%”.

Those predictions rang eerily true following Event 201, hosted by the Gates foundation on Oct 19, 2019, running a mock pandemic of a Coronavirus.

This planning proved beneficial as the release of Mr. Gate’s vaccine coincided with the end to the Covid-19 lockdowns. According to Mr. Gates, the main compound included in the vaccine is anti-fearinol. "It works in conjunction with mainstream media organisations by suppressing exposure to fear of viral threats and replacing it with more rational fears like conservatives". The first round of vaccinations are set to take place on the first of October.