• Nick Pennman

Kim Jong Un fakes Corona Virus to play Call of Duty.

Top South Korean officials believes that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may have missed the birthday celebration of his grandfather on April 15th because of Call of Duty (COD). Not due to the coronavirus.

Amid rumours regarding Kim's health, his absence from certain events was actually due to the release of COD’s ‘Most Wanted’ feature, officials say.

"It is true that he had never missed the anniversary for [state founder] Kim II Sung's birthday since he took power, but as we all know, Kim’s an avid gamer”. Minister Kim Yeon-chul said at a parliamentary hearing.

Satellite images released Saturday showed that a train allegedly belonging to Kim has been parked at his compound last week.

“He hasn’t left the house in over a week. He is currently the most wanted head on Call of Duty: Warzone. We don’t expect him to emerge until his character is killed”.

Comments by South Korea however, have failed to extinguish the rumours about Kim, fed by the silence of North Korea's state media about their leader's whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Vice President Pence said on Monday that he has a good idea of how Kim Jong Un is doing.

“He’s fine. I’ve seen him running around on Call of Duty, and he’s one tough sob”. If something were to happen to Kim, some experts say it could lead to instability in North Korea.