• Nick Pennman

"Green energy CEO" shouts renewables, as he attempts forest clearing for solar farm

Locals of Blue River Oregon have protested a green energy company as they attempted to clear 210 acres of trees in Willamette forest on Monday.

“It’s ridiculous” said Green Energy’s CEO Hal Moore. “It’s green energy. Green. That means it’s good. No questions asked”.

Locals of the community raised concerns that the project would actually harm the environment by endangering birds and causing runoff that would damage nearby tributaries.

In response, eco-conscious celebrities have attempted to ease trepidations within the local population.

“Solar panels are made from sunshine and love. No need to research the materials used to make them", stated Leonardo Di Caprio from his 60,000-gallon private yacht. "Just know that we celebrities approve. Oh, and we definitely aren’t paid to say this”.

Despite their efforts however, Oregon’s Environment Secretary has denied a permit for the controversial solar farm project.