• Nick Pennman

Covid-19: Man flu is real. Liberals say female sex hormones provide the cure.

For years men have complained about the man flu, but in the wake of Covid-19, “scientists” are suggesting it may be true.

“Male coronavirus patients are dying at higher rates from COVID-19 than women. We believe estrogen and other female sex hormones hold the key for treatment”.

Not everyone is convinced that the hormones, while possibly helpful, are a "silver bullet” the Bugle reports. “The man flu is pretty bad, but I’m not sure I’d want to become a woman to avoid it”.

Top ranking Democratic officials however, see this as an opportunity with far reaching potential beyond the current pandemic. “Men are horrible. With coronavirus vaccines currently being trialled, the addition of female sex hormones could simultaneously provide a cure for Covid-19 and toxic masculinity”.

“Scientists” from Harvard have indicated that the hormones in the trials are considered safe, so Liberals see little reason to nix the idea.