• Nick Pennman

Career singles hit hardest by Covid-19

A growing number of career singles are feeling left in the dark, as governments attempt to lift the sting felt by Covid-19.

Sitting alone in her chic, inner city loft, 39-year-old lawyer Bethany Stone hosts a zoom call with her colleagues, begrudging this fact.

“I’ve got nothing going on”, she says. “I’ve spiced up my resume, planned my next four solo vacations. I’ve knitted socks for my cat. What else can I do?”

“It sucks”, says one colleague, as her husband wrestles with her kids in the background. “The government are clearly neglecting those hit hardest by this virus. Career singles”.

“Right!” Bethany snapped. “I think I’ve completed Tinder. My favourite bars are closed. My Amazon rewards card is maxed. My wine supplies are empty, and I’ve seen everything on Netflix. Twice.”

As cases such as Bethany’s grow, a company called “sample a spouse” has filled a gap in the market, offering part-time partners to this growing demographic.

“Our men and women will listen to your day, offer comforting advice and even cuddle for up to 30 minutes to add some substance to your life”.

As lockdowns continue, the sample a spouse service will be expanding into all states and select major cities, offering branded facemasks for first time customers.