• Nick Pennman

Bill and Ted Reboot Cancelled after they accidentally time travel to Minneapolis

Entertainment – The Bill and Ted reboot was shaping up to be the most excellent adventure yet, until a producer accidentally input the wrong data into their time travelling phone booth.

“The cast and crew were meant to travel back in time to the Old West”, he stated. “But I got the co-ordinates wrong and we ended up somewhere far more dangerous. Minneapolis”.

Reports suggest Bill and Ted were trapped inside the phone booth for over 12 hours as rioters stole all the camera footage and burned all the previously shot footage.

“It would cost millions to re-film what we’ve lost, plus the time machine’s broken. We couldn’t reshoot it, even if we wanted to”.

Bill and Ted face the music was slated for an August 2020 release, but will now be relegated to the movie graveyard.