• Nick Pennman

Biden: I wasn’t sleeping; I was just resting my eyes.

As Hillary Clinton endorsed Presidential candidate Joe Biden via live stream, sleepy Joe lived up to his moniker seemingly falling asleep on camera. A claim Joe vehemently denies.

“It was around 4pm, well past my bedtime and Hillary can talk. Boy can she talk. I was just resting my eyes until she finished speaking”.

When the clip zooms in however, it’s appears as though his eyes are completely closed for over 15 seconds.

Speaking with Clinton, she believes this is a key reason to vote for Mr Biden. “The Democratic party is a big advocate of sleep. America has so many problems and we believe, if you just close your eyes, they will all go away”.

Reports suggest Biden plans to echo this message and close his eyes to solve America’s biggest issues from health care to immigration. It remains to be seen as to whether this strategy will pay off.