• Nick Pennman

“America is so racist”, says Justin Trudeau as paints his face black for a party.

Canada – Prime Minister Trudeau told The Bugle’s own Nick Pennman last night that he was left ‘shocked’ by how racist and divided the United States is compared to Canada.

Trudeau was able to spare a moment while preparing for a fancy dress party on the ministerial lawn for his Canadian Liberal Party.

“It just amazes me how ignorant American’s can be. In Canada we strive to be sensitive to all colours and creeds and are very careful to ensure we aren’t marginalising any race”, the Prime Minister stated as he shaded his face black and put on a cowboy hat.

When asked who he was dressed as, he proudly stated, “Django. You know, from Django Unchained”. Prime Minister Trudeau is next expected to front the media on Wednesday to further address Canada’s role in combating racism in North America.

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